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It’s a big thing to see your own writing in print. You begin to see that your contribution matters and you can speak out and write your way into change.” (Teenager, Fighting Words NI participant) 

We run a free, year-round programme of creative writing activities for children and young people across Northern Ireland. Our writing activities are all-ability, non-judgmental, joyful experiences that ignite imaginations and remove the barriers to enjoyment of writing.  

In a fun and relaxed group environment, the Fighting Words method dissolves barriers to writing – such as literacy problems, low confidence and peer pressure – through a collaborative storytelling experience. Our methodologies boost innovative thinking, ideation and imagination, and help children advocate for themselves. “I now feel like I don’t need to wait for opportunities all the time, that I can create my own.” (Participant) 

Your donation helps us work with thousands of young people every year, ensuring every child can tell their own story.